Punk Rock Safety

This podcast isn't meant to make you feel better about your ideas on safety. A lot of them are probably wrong. We're not saying you aren’t smart or that we are, but probability isn't in our favor. It’s just a recognition that there are a lot of shitty ideas about safety out there, and pure chance suggests we all share some of them. This podcast is here to fight safety bullshit.

The three of us – Ben, Dave, and Ron – are here to talk about organizational safety, resilience, and human performance, but with a different perspective on things than you might be used to. Punk rock is about abandoning ideas that aren’t useful, being unafraid to push boundaries and sometimes fail, and doing it yourself when the things you need don’t exist.

Here’s what Greg Graffin from Bad Religion says: “Punk is a process of questioning and commitment to understanding that results in self-progress, and by extrapolation, could lead to social progress. Punk is a belief that this world is what we make of it. Truth comes from our understanding of the way things are, not from the blind adherence to prescriptions about the way things should be.” Sounds good to us.

Question everything. Do cool shit that works.

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